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About Ruby-Sage

Accepting all the goodness that is sure to come through, Ruby-Sage writes for the heart, from the heart.  
Hailing from Evanston Illinois, Ruby-Sags' indie/rock style of songwriting is honest, emotional, and authentic.
Ruby-Sage had started to sing from out of the womb and has been coming up with songs and lyrics since early childhood. 
With only two singles currently released, Ruby-Sage has over 7,000 streams and has played a handful of shows in Boston, New York, and Chicago. Additionally, she is not only passionate about music but also helping people. R-S volunteered with Special Gifts Theatre in Chicago for 8 years while growing up and hosting bingo in a retirement home with her family. 
Ruby-Sage is currently working on her debut album "God Can't Save You" playing alongside Cade Palmatier, Luke Sorensen, and Aidan Ward-Richter. On the cusp of graduation from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Professional Music, concentrating in Performance and Music Education, Ruby-Sage looks forward to continuing her musical journey.

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